Operations Control Center

Also Known as Operations CZA, they are in charge to supervise all Operations conducted inside the Air Side of the Airport, and it is important not to be confused as a Dispatch service or handling support.

Each Operator is responsible for their Dispatch and Ground Handling Support.

Ops CZA will ensure that all Operators must Follow the GOSM.

Airport services cost Simulator

In order to speed up the process of quoting airport services, we put at your disposal a cost simulator.

This simulator is for informational purposes only and a request for formal services must be made to the Airport for its corresponding payment prior to or during the service.

All Fuel Quotes must be confirmed 48 Hours Prior to service for final Price.


The Airport Services Simulator will generate a Quotation according to the Information you have provided VIA de Query form.

All Airport Fees and tariffs have been authorized prior by the federal government, and each concept cost depends on a formula.

The main components for this formula are; MTOW, TIME, EVENTS Etc.

Each concept on the form has a brief explanation and requirements.

After completing the form, a simulation quote will be sent to your email.

Fuel services

Fuel prices shown here are subject to changes on a weekly basis and Value added tax.

The price will be valid within the dates described in the image.

The payment methods available are:

  • Cash payment

  • Card payment

  • Transfer payment

American express not available for payment